Caviar01 皇室黑魚子膠原去虎紋精華霜 40ml



CAVIAR 01 皇室黑魚子膠原去虎紋精華霜 40ml Royal Caviar Collagen Wrinkle Filler, 40ml #又名黑魚子多膠原蛋白皺紋填充劑 #黑魚子膠原蛋白抗皺填充物將臉部線條填滿,有撫平皺紋的效果,同時亦可改善毛孔粗大的情況. 令肌膚看起上嚟更加白滑無瑕. #富含蛋白質和胺基酸,魚子萃取物有效撫平皺紋、減少肌膚透過增加膠原蛋白密度來鬆弛。 #D-泛醇有效收緊毛孔,更新肌膚,改善細胞代謝。 #特殊的 Pentavitin 令複合物深入肌膚再生 #Omega-6 複合物可滋潤肌膚滋養、排毒、保護免受外界侵害 主要功效: 濃縮黑魚子蛋白膠原, 重點可以填充及撫平皺紋 的位置,使網紋平滑,激退面上幼紋、 額頭紋、 虎紋、 有效收毛孔(特別T字部毛孔),延緩皺紋產生、 使肌膚嫩滑、 肌膚彈牲再現、喚醒膠原細胞、更緊緻光澤。 ❇️自設有機認證農場🍀☘🌿🌱 ❇️自設廠房 ❇️愛沙尼亞製造🇪🇪 Caviar Polycollagen Wrinkle Filler CAVIAR POLYCOLLAGEN WRINKLE FILLER IS A LINE-FILLING FORMULA FOR THE FACE WHICH PROVIDES A VALID ALTERNATIVE TO INJECTABLE FILLERS. Loaded with proteins and amino acids, Caviar extract effectively smoothes out wrinkles and reduces skin sagging by increasing collagen density. D-pantenol tightens pores, renews skin, and improves cell metabolism. The special Pentavitin complex deeply moisturizes the skin while the Omega-6 complex nourishes, detoxifies, and protects from external agents. As a result the appearance of lines and wrinkles is immediately minimized. Special light- reflecting particles visually smooth skin surface, and improve the skin's complexion. The filler forms a net structure on the skin, thus maintaining and fortifying its suppleness.