Caviar03 皇室黑魚子膠原保濕緊緻眼霜 15ml



Caviar03 皇室黑魚子膠原保濕緊緻眼霜 15ml Royal Caviar Ice Firming Eye Cream 15ml #黑魚子眼霜適合嬌嫩的眼部肌膚,不僅針對老化跡象,膠原蛋白氨基酸 - 真正逆齡抗衰老延緩肌膚下垂, 強化肌膚,消除眼部浮腫黑眼圈撫平皺紋. Omega-6 複合物滋養皮膚,從而防止脫水和乾燥。 🔸黑魚子 🔸Omega-6 複合物滋養 🔸野生雪石蕊萃取物, 🔸含有獨特的usnin酸 🔸ReguⓇ+AGE Complex 強化肌膚,幫助消除 浮腫的眼睛和黑眼圈。 主要功效: -減淡細紋皺紋,撫平肌膚更滑淨感覺 -浮腫和黑眼圈明顯減少,肌膚緊緻度改善,眼睛看起來清新明亮。蛋白膠原、深層保濕、淡紋去黑眼圈、 活躍膠原細胞、令眼周肌膚飽滿有光澤激退黑色素、更有神彩 ❇️自設有機認證農場🍀☘🌿🌱 ❇️自設廠房 ❇️愛沙尼亞製造🇪🇪 Icy FirmingEye Cream THIS LIGHT CREAM FOR DELICATE EYE SKIN NOT ONLY TARGETS THE SIGNS OF AGING, BUT ALSO PROVIDES ROUND-THE-CLOCK HYDRATION. Loaded with proteins and amino acids, Caviar extract effectively smoothes out wrinkles and reduces skin sagging, increasing collagen density. The Omega-6 complex nourishes the skin, thus preventing dehydration and dryness. Wild harvested Snow Cladonia extract, which contains the unique usnin acid, and ReguⓇ+ AGE Complex strengthen the skin, help eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, feelings of puffiness and dark under-eye circles are visibly diminished, and skin firmness is improved, making your eyes look fresh and bright.