CAVIAR02 皇室黑魚子緊緻膠原面霜 50ml



CAVIAR 02 皇室黑魚子膠原緊緻面霜 50ml Royal Caviar Extra-Firming Face Cream 50ml 皇室黑魚子面霜有效令肌膚緊緻有彈性,含蛋白質和氨基酸, 有幫撫平鄒紋延緩衰老分子,配合㊙️方天然草本活性成份, 保濕滋潤,保護肌膚免受外來因素破壞. 同時活躍細胞,肌膚再生,亦可使面部輪廓提升. 🔸黑魚子富含蛋白質和氨基酸 🔸野生紅景天 🔸天然紅沒藥醇 🔸Omega-6 🔸Pepha®-Tight 功效: 保濕滋潤、 淡化乾紋、 喚醒細胞、 足夠水潤 緊緻彈性提升、保護肌膚、 延緩皺紋抗衰老 Caviar Extra-LiftingFace cream THIS RICHLY TEXTURED CAVIAR EXTRA LIFTING FACE CREAM RESTORES VITALITY AND ELASTICITY TO YOUR SKIN. Loaded with proteins and amino acids, Caviar extract stimulates collagen production and enhances the skin's natural anti-fatigue factor. Wild harvested Rhodiola Rosea being full of such active components as Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin, slows down aging process and nourishes the skin. Natural Bisabolol deeply moisturizes the skin while the Omega-6 and Pepha®-Tight complexes firm, nourish and protect it from external agents. It visibly helps lift the skin while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

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